Experience the romance of the Philippines

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Floating in the Pacific Ocean is the captivating island nation of the Philippines. This fascinating destination is home to an incredible amount of natural beauty, making it the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. The Philippines is actually made up of 7,107 islands – so you’re sure to find the perfect one for you!

Boracay Island Beach, Philippines
Boracay Island beach

Boracay Island

Boracay – although it’s small – is one of the most popular for loved-up holidaymakers. Its beautiful white-sand beaches and crystalline waters are the ideal backdrop for lying on the beach with a good book or splashing in the gentle waves. The aptly named White Beach is regularly named as one of the best beaches in the world for this very reason!

Get adventurous and try a new water sport together, such as windsurfing or kite boarding – or perhaps you’d like to give paddleboarding a go. 

You can even go diving or snorkelling, or have a relaxing massage right on the beachfront. And when the sun sets, Boracay really comes to life with live music and cocktails flowing freely.

The Peninsula Manila, Philippines
Stay in luxury accommodation: The Peninsula Manila’s Grand Fountain.

The city of Manila

You could also while away your time in the capital city of Manila. Located on the nation’s largest island – Luzon – you’ll enjoy the sophisticated city life, luxurious gourmet restaurants and vibrant art and culture.

Be sure to stroll through Manila’s old historic district, Intramuros. This is home to the World Heritage Site, San Agustin Church and its associated museum. Here you and your loved one can be blown away by the stunning architecture and fascinating ruins. Discover old religious artefacts, gaze at intricate paintings and soak in the sheer magnitude of the history surrounding you. 

For a particularly dreamy experience, take a ride on one of the kalesas (horse-drawn carriages) around the old streets – so snuggle up.

Then head down to Manila Bay, a natural harbour, and witness the magnificent sunset. Walk along the palm tree-lined Roxas Boulevard that runs alongside the water, hand-in-hand in the balmy breeze.

If you’re looking for some luxury accommodation on your lover’s getaway, you can even stay at the very hotel the Beatles and Marlon Brando himself once stayed at in this area.

Cebu, Philippines
Cebu is full of history


You’ll be dazzled by the romantic atmosphere of Cebu. It was once the first part of the Philippines to be colonised by Spain, and so maintains a significant European influence that is sure to enchant.

There are beautiful heritage buildings and structures to explore. Wander to the Basilica del Santo Nino, which is home to a statue of Jesus that dates to 1521.

A stroll around Fort San Pedro is also a captivating experience. This is an old outpost, which now lies in a beautiful kind of disrepair, surrounded by lush and green plant life.

For an incredibly romantic view of Cebu by night, head up to the Tops lookout and gaze over the twinkling city together. It’s certainly a beautiful, glowing image you’ll never forget. Grab a beverage and some snacks while you’re at it and make a night of it.

As far as accommodation, dining and shopping go, there are plenty of options here. Dine on local Filipino fare, including lechon, a roast pig dish. You can also find plenty of tantalising international tastes around and about, so if you get a craving for an Italian or Chinese feast, you won’t be disappointed.

Head to the Philippines and enjoy its romantic bounty. You and your significant other are bound to be charmed, wined and dined enough to keep you going – until you come back, of course!