Experience Swiss Culture at Switzerland’s Historic Unspunnen Festival

In Travel News by The H4C Team

Set to attract a record 150,000 visitors, Switzerland’s highly anticipated Unspunnen Festival will offer couples the chance to experience the nation’s culture in one of its most scenic destinations. Held in Interlaken, in the foothills of the Eiger, Monach and Jungfrau summits, the festival will see locals come together in traditional costumes to take part in a range of cultural activities. 

Along with folk dancing, wrestling, alphorn blowing and parades, the festival’s highlights also includes a traditional event where wrestlers throw an 83-kilogram stone to break distance records. First held in 1805, the Unspunnen Festival and its stone-throwing event originated as a way to unite the Swiss people after Napoleon’s invasion. Since then, the ‘Unspunnen stone’ has become a symbol of Swiss national pride, making the stone-throwing event an absolute must-see.

The Unspunnen stone-throwing event

Taking place between 26 August and 3 September, 2017, the Unspunnen Festival is expected to be one of Switzerland’s most exciting events. Switzerland Tourism advisers travellers attending the festival to book accommodation early and to purchase their event tickets and Swiss Travel Passes in advance. To find out more, visit the festival website here.