Eat your way around Italy

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Italy is one of the most sumptuous destinations for loved-up couples, thanks to its beautiful history, scenery and of course – its food.

Soak in the romance of this sensual culture, perhaps over a shared bowl of spaghetti bolognese or a delectable dessert of tiramisu.

As they say, when in Rome…

Couples dining in Italy

Our first tip is to get adventurous. Don’t just stick to restaurants and cafes around tourist landmarks such as the Trevi Foundation or the Piazza Navona, for example.

Let yourselves get lost and wander down some side streets to find a more authentic bite. Slurp away at a Tuscan soup or get lost in a basket of fluffy bread and accompanying oils.

While it’s perfectly fine to opt for your old favourites like carbonara or lasagne, get a bit adventurous while perusing the menu at least once or twice. Discover a new favourite local dish and you might find yourself hooked on trying something new each time. It’s nigh impossible for Italian food to taste bad, so take the chance to savour some new enticing flavours. For example, Italian pasta dishes laden with mushrooms are notoriously decadent.

If you’re travelling across the country together, prepare to get regional. Each area will have its own distinctive dishes and tastes, offering another perfect opportunity to delight your palate with something different.

Be sure to head to any local markets, too. Often it’s in the small, pastoral towns where you’ll find the best mouth-watering fresh produce. Stock up on crisp white wine, soft bread, bouncy mozzarella cheese and plump tomatoes and head to the park for your own veritable romantic feast.

You may also want to get used to guzzling your morning caffeine fix standing side by side. Most Italian cafes will have separate prices for drinking at the bar or sitting down – and you guessed it, sitting is more expensive. Check the price list as you walk in and decide whether those extra euros are worth the comfort. Otherwise, go for it!