Cruise the Mediterranean

Cruising the Mediterranean

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In terms of the most romantic experiences a couple can have together, cruising through the idyllic Mediterranean is up there.

Sail through gentle waters to Spanish shores, French bays and the soft sands of Croatia. Delight in Turkey’s vibrancy, soak up the sun in Greece and on the island of Sardinia – for just a few examples of the splendour this region has to offer!

Given that every cruise is different and will offer slightly varied facilities and ports of call, here is a rundown on some of the best reasons to head on a Mediterranean cruise with your loved one.

The ship itself

Cruising is a sublime way to travel, thanks to its luxury accommodation and service. Choose from a variety of rooms to suit your budget. Rooms without a window are the cheapest, but if you’re able to splurge a bit more you can get a beautiful cabin with ocean views or even its own balcony.

Dining on a cruise ship is usually sumptuous, with a range of smart-casual and formal nights when guests are asked to adhere to the dress code. This is a fun way to bond and enjoy some delectable meals at the same time.

There may also be themed dress-up nights, as well as plenty of entertainment options, which may include a pool and deck, movie nights, concerts, theatre shows and more. That means there is always an abundance of ways to make memories with your partner.

It’s also a great option for those looking for a no-fuss holiday, as almost everything on a cruise is included in its initial price. The cruise organisers should also be able to plan any shore excursions for you if you would like them to, so you can simply relax without the worries of planning and organisation.

Discover history

Mediterranean cruises can take you to a range of momentous historical sites, such as Athens, Capri, Rome, Istanbul, Gibraltar and many more exciting ports of call.

Imagine wandering crumbling ruins side-by-side, experiencing the mystical atmosphere of sites such as Athens’ Acropolis and walking through surviving Ottoman structures and elaborate mosques in Istanbul.

You can also experience the slightly less well-known destinations such as Malta, with its 7,000 years of history. This has provided it with plentiful art and artefacts, not to mention some stunning buildings such as the Grandmasters’ Palace.

Savour plenty of sea, sand and sun

If you love lounging in the sun or upon idyllic shores, the Mediterranean is a safe bet for you and your significant other. There’s no shortage of beautiful beaches all throughout the Med.

Laze the day away on the golden sands of Greek islands, slowly stroll the waterline dipping your toes into the sea or dive straight in for some swimming and water sports. The ocean is always warm and inviting – so much so, that you may never want to leave it.


Mediterranean dining drips with lavishness and romance. Indulge in a meal off the ship – perhaps share paella with your loved one nestled in a Spanish bistro, or tuck into a plate of moussaka at a Turkish cafe?

Tasting the local cuisine together is sure to create a whole host of memories. Even if something isn’t quite to your taste, you’ll have something to laugh about together. Remember, even when a dish is truly mouth-watering, don’t tell your partner you love your meal more than you love them!

Cruising the Mediterranean is an experience of a lifetime, so why not give yourself and the one you love a holiday to remember?

Our suggestions for a fabulous Mediterranean cruise:

Star Clippers: 

Definitely NOT a cruise ship in the normal sense! From the moment you step aboard a Star Clipper – whether it be the Royal Clipper, Star Clipper or Star Flyer – you fall in love and enjoy the informal elegance of these magnificent vessels. Relish in the nostalgia of yesteryear aboard these tall ships (with all the modern day comforts) and expolore the beauty of Europe by sea. There is a range of packages and itineraries available for Eastern and Western Mediterranean cruises. Discover more of Star Clippers.

The Moorings:

Experience bareboat crusing at its best wtih The Moorings and discvoer unforgettable moments on the water while cruising the Mediterranean. There are a range of yacht charters available from Italy and Greece to Turkey and Croatia – see more on The Moorings.


Sunsail has bases in Greece, Italy, Turkey and Croatia which makes for ideal jumping off points to expolore and discover the best of a Mediterranean sailing holiday. They have itineraries available to suite every level of sailor experience. Find out more about Sunsail.