Cruises become interactive with Ocean Medallion

In Travel News by The H4C Team

Just when you thought cruising could not get any better, Carnival Corporation has developed the world’s first interactive guest experience platform capable of transforming holiday travel into a highly personalised and elevated level of customised service for millions of guests.

The Ocean Medallion™, is a wearable device that enables a personal concierge, bridging the physical and digital worlds to deliver a new level of personalised service not previously considered possible.

The first of its kind device includes sophisticated wayfinding, food and beverage on demand, an array of interactive gaming, personalised entertainment experiences and more.  Just 50 grams in weight and with a diameter of about 2.5 centimetres, the disc can be accessorised with jewellery, clips, key chains and bands or simply carried in a pocket or pocketbook. 

The Ocean Medallion goes well beyond the growing number of wearables used by theme parks and other leisure companies by leaving behind the required action of “tap” and ushering in a new paradigm for guest interactions.

Some of its benefits include:

• streamline and expedite the port embarkation and disembarkation process

• allow guests to access their staterooms as they approach the door (no keycard required)

• locate friends and family around the cruise ship

• enable guests to purchase merchandise without any transaction, cards or paper

• deliver enhanced dining experiences based on food and beverage preferences

• power an array of interactive gaming and immersive entertainment experiences

• significantly enhance interactions with crew members and guests.

The Ocean Medallion pairs with an optional personalised digital concierge called the Ocean Compass™, a digital experience portal available online, on smart devices, on kiosks in home ports, on stateroom TVs, on interactive surfaces located throughout the cruise ship and on devices carried by all guest service hosts.

The new guest experience platform will debut on Princess Cruises’ Regal Princess in November 2017, followed by Royal Princess and Caribbean Princess in 2018. The new Medallion Class on Princess Cruises will be rolled out over multiple years on the entire Princess Cruises fleet.

The guest experience platform is a key element of O·C·E·A·N™ or One Cruise Experience Access Network™, a bold new effort by Carnival Corporation focused on expanding the cruise holiday market through guest experience innovation, the development of original experiential media content that includes new TV programs airing on national TV, and expanding its portfolio of exclusive and unique destinations.