“A glowing flotilla of love and peace”. Photo: Shinju Matsuri (Festival of the Pearl)

Send messages of love at Broome’s Pearl Festival

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It was love at first sight when we spotted these lanterns floating on the peaceful sunset tide as part of Broome’s Shinju Matsuri (Japanese for “Festival of the Pearl”). 

Western Australia’s northern jewel will celebrate the beloved annual event from 29 August – 06 September 2020 with highlights including the Sunset Long Table dinner on Cable Beach, Chinatown Feast, and Floating Lantern Matsuri where these glowing lanterns carry personal messages of hope, love and thanks out to sea. And don’t worry, once the lanterns have floated into the sunset and you adjourn to your picnics or VIP entertainment, the Shinju team are “hard at work making sure no lanterns are left astray to float out and pollute the ocean.”

Send your message to the universe at Broome’s Floating Lantern Matsuri
Photo: Julia Rau Photography

Originating from three cultural festivals – Japanese Obon Matsuri; Malaysian Hari Merdeka (Independence Day); and the Chinese Hang Seng – the calendar favourite celebrates the region’s unique multicultural history and long history of pearl prosperity.

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