Brace yourselves: Melbourne’s biggest food truck event is coming!

In Travel News by The H4C Team

Melbourne is no stranger to a food truck gathering, but this exciting event is set to be the city’s biggest yet! The masterminds behind The Food Truck Park are bringing together over 40 food trucks in May for the (aptly named) Food Truck Festival Melbourne. Get ready, people.

Set to be held in the CBD’s Birrarung Marr, the free-entry festival will be split into north-, south-, east- and west-Melbourne sections, each showcasing cuisine from the city’s most popular neighbourhoods. As if that’s not enough, there’ll also be an enticing Sweet Lane selling nothing but delectable desserts. We’ve got a food baby just thinking of it.

Food Truck Festival Melbourne will feature over 40 food trucks

The Food Truck Park Director Frank Rusitovski said he hopes to make the festival a regular part of Melbourne’s major event calendar. “Over the last four years, having created some of Melbourne’s biggest food events, our team are looking to make this one the biggest yet,” he said.

The Food Truck Festival Melbourne will be held at Birrarung Marr between May 2 and 6. To find out more about the event or to see the full lineup as its announced, visit the Food Truck Festival Melbourne website here