Bali Bliss: Natalie Bannister gives the lowdown on Bali’s varied areas

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Bali has been through some ups and downs over the years, but this beautiful island has bounced back to become one of the most sought after – and sophisticated – island escapes in Asia. Discover Bali’s varied areas, from the trendy beachside hamlets where shopping and nightlife rule, to the peaceful heart of the hills and the roads less travelled.

I’m the kind of traveller who loves it all. Give me a beach shack and a hammock under a coconut palm and I am just as happy as when I am blessed with a beautiful private villa or five star resort. Maybe that’s why I love Bali so much. I always know I can arrive here with a near empty suitcase (but a plan to fill it, fast!) and I’ll have every kind of holiday experience to choose from.

Take up residence in a private pool villa in one of the fashionable districts with every whim catered for, or head to the peace of the mountains for some relaxation and time out; hop on a boat to an outer island like Nusa Lembongan with a bunch of surfers or even further afield to Lombok or the rustic Gili Islands to shack up in a bungalow or resort with a blissfully vacant itinerary of lazing on the beach and swimming all day, every day; or rent a little house in one of the quiet beachside areas beyond the rice fields.

Bali has many faces, and caters to every kind of visitor from budget through to beyond five star. The dining, shopping and entertainment options are nothing short of spectacular, the people are friendly, and days can easily turn into weeks when you wind down into ‘Bali time’.

If you’re unfamiliar with all of the areas of Bali, it pays to do some research to ensure you get the style of holiday you’re dreaming of – and to make sure you don’t miss out on some truly incredible experiences or hidden treasures while staying on the Island of the Gods! Here’s the lowdown on the Bali that I’ve come to know and love …