Update your wish-list with this Tasmanian spectacle

In Articles, Travel News by The H4C Team

Ever heard of aurora australis? While we’ve all dreamed of chasing the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) through a wonderland of white, its southern cousin is much closer to home. One of the few places to catch the mystical aurora australis light show is Tasmania, with the depths of winter your best bet for a glimpse. 

Hunting aurora australis is our latest excuse for an Aussie short break. Photo: Simon Kruit

Just like the Tasmanian tiger, the Southern Lights are notoriously elusive. So, put your social-distancing prowess to good use and seek out a romantically remote location with low light pollution and cloud, and a broad view south. The lights can be dull or invisible to the naked eye, so a DSLR camera and tripod will give you the inside track. 

Check out the Aurora Australis Tasmania Facebook page for real-time updates of when an aurora is dancing or find out more here.