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Looking for a creative way to pop the question? Destination weddings may be getting all the attention these days, but a destination proposal makes the moment she says "yes" truly unforgettable as well.

1. Great Wall of China

Located on the northern border of China, the Great Wall was steadily constructed from 3rd century BC to the 17th century AD. The awe-striking nature of the wall - which stretches more than 20,000 km - combined with the spectacular views from the top, make for one of the most memorable places you could possibly propose.

2. The Maldives

The Maldives are undoubtedly one of the most romantic spots on Earth. Between the crystal clear waters boasting incredible dive and snorkel spots, decadent dinners, and blissful private bungalows with private beaches and enchanting views of the sunset, there are hundreds of perfect places for a proposal on this archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

3. Disney World

Make your favorite fairy tale come true with a proposal at Disney World. With a wide variety of places to pop the question - in front of Cinderella's castle, for example - Disney's a dream come true for many ladies when it comes to engagements.

4. New York City

Whether it's a picnic in Central Park, a horse carriage ride around the city, or an evening at the top of the iconic Empire State Building, there is no shortage of romantic places to propose in The Big Apple, America. Celebrate your engagement with a luxurious dinner and a Broadway show.

5. Venice

Wine tours, rich pastas and pastries, and a boat ride along Venice's lagoons make for an idyllic European proposal setting. Romance is definitely in the air during a cruise down the canal, surrounded by waterfront palazzos, palaces and churches. It might just be an unparalleled time to propose.

6. Maui

Romance isn't hard to find in magical Maui, Hawaii, where beautiful white sand beaches stretch for over 45 km against the backdrop of lush forests and spectacular waterfalls. After watching the sunrise from the top of Haleakala Crater, pop the question and then celebrate your engagement by lounging on some of the best beaches in the world.

7. Paris

Just about anywhere in The City of Love, France would be a great place to propose. Strolling along the Seine, lounging outside Notre Dame, or people watching in Montmartre with macaroons and espresso in hand - everything about Paris just about defines romance.

8. Hampi, India

The ruins of Hampi, just a day's journey out of Goa, India, are a truly spectacular piece of history. The Tungabhadra River runs through the ancient city, and enchanting, luxurious bungalow accommodation is available along the rice paddies. The spectacular sunsets ooze with romance as they turn the huge granite boulders in the distance pink, orange and red. After wandering through the ancient city and taking a swim in the crisp, cool pools near the dam, feast on aromatic Indian food. A proposal just might be the perfect end to a perfect day.

9. The top of Machu Picchu

For those adventurous types, it's hard to beat a Machu Picchu proposal. This ancient city and UNESCO world heritage site, concealed high in the eastern slopes of the Andes, would make a truly unique proposal spot. After you spend the day exploring these mysterious Inca ruins, head back down into the city for a celebratory seafood dinner.

10.  Sunrise in Spitzkoppe, Namibia

Couples camping beneath the grandeur of Spitzkoppe, located in the Namib desert, and its imposing granite rock formations, experience the magic of clear desert air and splendid scenery. Pop the question and then spend the night nestled on top of one of the surrounding mountains watching for shooting stars. Wake up as the sun rises and washes colour over the granite mountains.


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