Published: 10 September 2013 by: Melissa Rimac

Luxury and languor on the east coast of Mauritius - Melissa Rimac

Voluptuously tropical, vibrantly cultural and wrapped in a catchy Creole vibe, Mauritius weaves a spell that’s indelibly magical.

It was Mauritius that inspired Mark Twain – a man not short on comparisons – to ponder that God must have modelled this island on paradise itself. Happily, the heavenly connotations remain abundant: exultant tropical beauty, rhinestone-sparkly lagoons that kiss sugary sands, high-kilowatt smiles, the ever-present promise of fulsome pleasures. Mauritius is most remarkable however, for the way it goes to your head – in all the best ways.

Gloriously adrift in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa, Mauritius is, in essence, a mindset: a gumbo of escapism, exotica and runaway romanticism.The catchy Creole mood sets Mauritius apart, at once suave yet unpretentiously laid back, languid yet enlivening, but most of all – inescapably seductive.

Enroute to the south coast. Sunday is picnic day, when the most dazzling saris light up the roadside - Melissa Rimac

Spontaneous roadside friendships enroute to the south coast - Melissa Rimac

The spell is cast upon catching sight of the luminously green jagged peaks laced with layers of brilliant blues, lake-still thanks to the encircling reef. Suddenly, everything seems brighter, bigger, more vividly alive and resoundingly sensual. Hibiscus appear as large as dinner plates; people, who seem to laugh more often than they speak, wear bolt-bright clothing; cascades of bougainvillea coat sorbet-coloured cottages. Towering mango and banyan trees shade statuesque plantation mansions, timber shop houses fringed with iron lacework and hole-in- the-wall local eateries and bars where chillies are hung out to avert killjoy spirits.

Technicolour Tamil temple nestled amongst the lush mountain folds of the south coast - Melissa Rimac

Teasingly ambiguous scents such as vanilla, sandalwood and ylang ylang blend with the delicate chimes of puga bells which spill from citrus-hued temples, to mingle with fervent hymns wafting from grand cathedrals, calls to prayer, impromptu cricket games and ardent games of mahjong.

Mauritius has become synonymous with beachy delights, full-throttle pampering and seriously sumptuous lodgings. And again, the reality surpasses the accolades. Resorts here take the form of pleasure palaces, fusing cultural echoes – touches of Gallic glamour or jungle earthiness, perhaps – with stellar levels of service and indulgence, think outdoor bathrooms, aromatherapy menus, bespoke yoga and tai chi sessions, spas opening onto lush gardens, buffets bursting with globally inspired, delectable cuisine. All-inclusive packages combining food, spa treatments, mountain bikes, kayaks, windsurfing, water-skiing and boat trips offer excellent value. So unshackling is the resulting relaxation that guests – even the once tightly wound and self-conscious – begin nonchalantly wandering about in dressing gowns.

The Blue Bay Marine Reserve, along with the west coast, regales with compelling snorkelling and diving. On the wilder, mountain-hugged south coast, sea-mist works its way deep into your lungs and feels like a gossamer loofah.

Timeless style and grandeur at the historic Eureka House - Melissa Rimac

Avenues of exotic palms at the Botanical Gardens - Melissa Rimac

Venture onto the locals’ favourite beaches, such as Grand Baie, and, almost inevitably, you’ll become part of a picnic or party.Whilst an intensely regenerative break is assured if you barely budge from the splendid beaches and resorts, that would entail missing what makes Mauritius so special.

As Mauritius is delightfully compact, exploring is relaxing and, given the extent and variety of intrigues, immensely rewarding. Uniquely, Mauritius offers the opportunity to lap up distilled highlights from some of the world’s most exotic cultures in combination with a luxe travel experience. Thanks to a succession of fortune seekers, Mauritian’s hail from Indian, African, European and Chinese backgrounds; speaking Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, French, Mandarin, and Creole, for starters.Whilst the official language is English, French flair prevails, producing that most fetching of accents and attitudes. Communities here are proud of their multi-racial heritage and eagerly embrace each others’ festivals, such as fire-walking ceremonies or Divali, when the island is aglow with lanterns. It’s a hot-pot of history that’s quite literally delicious: think feisty curries, biryani, Creole rougalles, spring rolls, pasta, crepes and spicy street snacks.

The beach at Club Med La Pointe aux Canonniers - Rhonda BannisterBrightly-hued temples dot the scene-scape - Melissa Rimac

To work it off, there are energetic walks into misted mountains, such as those of the Central Plateau or Black River Gorges, or, if a contemplative stroll is more your style, the romantic nooks tucked into the Botanical Gardens.The signature dance, the sega, best sums up Mauritius. Devised as a diversion from slavery, this rapturous celebration of life, which pours from beaches and streets as well as music venues, sways and mesmerises, dispelling woes, fatigue and inhibitions. Forget fancy footwork, sega provokes a personal and primeval surrender to the beat.

This let’s-live-for-today abandon forges the sort of romance which nudges relationships to a new level. And best of all, the seductive joie de vivre which Mauritius inspires lingers long after, lamentably, you concede that you really should go home.

Scenes from the west coast - Rhonda Bannister

Gem-coloured hand-hones bargains are a local speciality - Melissa Rimac


Fact File - Mauritius - Tropique Magnifique

Getting There:

Air Mauritius flies twice a week from Australia to Mauritius from Sydney, Melbourne and Perth with onward connections to nearby Reunion. Air Mauritius also fly to 25 destinations across the globe, offering onward connections to Africa, including Cape Town and Johannesburg, and Europe to London, Paris, Milan, Frankfurt and many other popular holiday cities. 


• Take a boat trip to outer islands or to swim with dolphins
• Lunch at historic Eureka house.
• Festival Kreole


Bypass the capital, St Louis, and its engaging markets. Mornings are most moody — when the big timber shutters are peeled back and the scent of incense and samosas wafts through cobbled streets.

Couples Will Love:

Riding horses on the beach.


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