Published: 23 November 2015 by: Nichola Davies

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We Australians love to travel but what factors actually trigger our wanderlust? A recent study conducted by Club Med reveals what keeps holidaymakers craving more. The study of over 1,000 adults gives us a few good insights into the travel trends of Australians.

1. Australian travellers are divided on action vs relaxation

Half of Australians surveyed said that trying new activities is what makes their holidays special, whereas the other half prefer to do nothing while they're away. Perhaps a happy medium would be ideal? 

2. Memories are the new travel souvenir

Respondents to the survey stated that having memorable stories to tell, having a place to escape to mentally and being able to reminisce about their trip with loved ones were the most important souvenirs from a holiday. While it is nice to have a memento of your holiday, we agree that the memories are the most important thing.

3. Family fun remains a top priority

Family friendly resorts are the most popular amongst Australian families, and having lots of activities like sport, entertainment and treat food and drinks are paramount to keeping the kids happy on holiday, according to participants. 

4. Passion is paramount for young parents

The majority of parents with young children stated that spending time with their partner reconecting is enough to make the holiday special. As many as 42% of those with young children say that returning home more in love with their partner would make the perfect holiday for them.

5. Gen Y aren't as shallow as you think

While they're sometimes ridiculed for their partying ways, Gen Y may be officially swapping the dance floor for more cultural experiences. One in three Gen Y participants would prefer to try a new activity while on vacation and only 13% believe partying every night makes for the perfect holiday. Maybe if the holiday was only three days long.

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