Published: 14 July 2015 by: Jessica Morman

Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland

Here at Holidays for Couples, we believe that you and your partner deserve time to relax together on every day that ends in 'y', and there's one place we think is the perfect escape from your busy lifestyles. Even though you won't find this 'day' on your weekly calendar, Jetstar and Qantas are ridding us of our weekday blues with three flights each week now connecting an extra 50,000 city-dwellers with the beautiful Whitsunday Islands each year.

Located off the Queensland coast about halfway between Townsville and Mackay is Mother Nature's most breathtaking gift to honeymooners and couples seeking an indulgent island getaway. Whether your idea of a tropical island getaway is to relax on land or sea, you will find a short break in the Whitsundays offers every comfort and luxury to ensure your getaway together is one of magical bliss.

Be lulled to sleep as your troubles drift away beneath the twinkling stars as you snuggle up atop the Coral Reef with a Reefsleep experience. For something a little more private, bask in an ultimate romantic sojourn while effortlessly sailing from island to island without another soul to be seen.  Treat yourself to one of the many extravagant yachts available for rent at Whitsunday Rent A Yacht (WRAY). Vessels accommodate all levels of experience and are equipped with everything you need for up to ten days of wining, dining and unforgettable relaxation at sea.

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Coral Sea Resort

But if you'd prefer to admire the crystal-clear view of the Coral Sea with a little more distance, you won't be disappointed whilst soaking in the sights from your private spa bath in a glass-walled bathroom at the at Whitsunday Vista Resort. The gentle sway of a double hammock at the Coral Sea Resort is also sure to send you into a world of zen vibes.

When you wake to the sound of waves rolling in, keep the calm vibes flowing with a massage by the beach or a leisurely snorkel amongst the sea life. But if you're recharged and ready to kick it up a notch, head over to Hamilton Island where you can whizz across the water in a jet boat or rev around in a go-kart or quad bike.

Waiting for a long weekend is no longer necessary when all the ingredients for a dreamy romantic getaway are just a few short hours away at The Whitsunday Islands!

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