Crafted in stainless steel by artist Col Henry Turtle Dream is 6 metres long!
Photo: Riptide Creative & Tourism Whitsundays

Art plunges to new depths on the Great Barrier Reef

In Travel News by The H4C Team

Great Barrier Reef marine locals are being joined by a few new friends, with a series of awesome underwater sculptures just revealed. Pass our wetsuits, please.

Six Australian artists were chosen to have their sculptures submerged in this creative reef awareness initiative. Now accessible are Maori Wrasse at Blue Pearl Bay off Hayman Island, two different manta ray sculptures at Manta Ray Bay off Hook Island, and Turtle Dream at Langford Spit. The enormous Anthozoa a four-metre-high concrete single coral polyp, will be installed at Blue Pearl Bay in late September.

And watch this space for the opening of the innovative Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA), created by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor. Installed within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (near the Townsville coast), MOUA will drive awareness to the importance of the reef. Works will be installed across numerous locations, including Magnetic Island, showcasing partially and fully submerged sculptures.

The first, Ocean Siren, will be revealed this December at the Strand in Townsville. Modelled on a local Aboriginal girl, the artwork will change colour in response to changing water temperatures. A Coral Greenhouse sculpture is planned for the John Brewer Reef site, offering a world-class dive and snorkel experience.

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