Angama Mara Offers Traditional Maasai Weddings

In Travel News by The H4C Team

For those couples looking to celebrate their wedding or renew their vows a little differently, Angama Mara has just the package.

Imagine donning a beaded white or red garment over which the beaded marriage necklace sits whilst your fiancé wears the traditional Maasai regalia and participates in a jumping competition with other warriors. Joyful singing chanting and dancing accompanies your special day.

Perhaps you would prefer the blessing ceremony in which the bride wears the colourful khanga cloth and a marriage necklace and the groom is dressed in a shuka (man’s cloth) and given a rungu (stick) to denote his manhood by the village elder prior to the jumping competition.

This all takes place on the rim of the Great Rift Valley Escarpment, overlooking the Mara Triangle, with vast amounts of animals, and most spectacularly the iconic wildebeest migration. The Swahili word ‘angama’, meaning ‘hanging or suspended in mid-air’, inspired the name Angama Mara. The site completely speaks to this, as each tented suite and guest area hangs on the edge of the Rift Valley, with views that quite simply take your breath away.

For guaranteed run of house, one full camp will need to be booked, and to avoid the sheer volume of paperwork, we recommend that all religious and civil formalities are completed at home prior to arriving in the Mara.

More information visit the website here.