Ancient Tahitian site receives French Polynesia’s first UNESCO World Heritage listing

In Travel News by The H4C Team

It’s no secret that Tahiti and her islands is an incredibly special destination, blessed with straight-from-a-postcard-scenery and perfect weather. Recognised for its cultural and physicial significance, the Taputapuatea marae (sacred site) on the Tahitian island of Raiatea has officially become a UNESCO World Heritage site, giving couples just one more reason to visit.

An ancient sacred site where traditional ceremonies were performed, the Taputapuatea marae features hundreds of stones arranged by Polynesian ancestors which are believed to hold Mana, a source of power and spiritual strength. The first cultural site to be recognised by UNESCO within French Polynesia, it’s expected to attract visitors looking to discover Tahiti’s authentic historical and cultural experiences.

Raiatea, the home of the marae, is just a 45-minute flight from Papeete, and is the second largest economic centre of The Islands of Tahiti. To find out more about the island or its sacred site, visit the official Tahiti Tourism website here