Anaha at Shreyas, India

Anaha, meaning wellbeing is a new, award winning spa located in Bangalore, India at the renowned Yoga destination, Shreyas Retreat. Expect to feel an overwhelming sense of peace from the moment you walk through the doors.

The space is designed to connect you to the elements. Natural light is used throughout the space, with the aim to enhance your connection to your mind, body and soul. While the gardens situated throughout the minimalistic setting promote tranquillity; linking and strengthening your connection to the earth.

Rejuvenate each of the five senses through pampering and relaxation. Anaha offers a range of massage therapies and mud therapy.

With a focus on healing and wellbeing, naturopathy, hydrotherapy, acupressure and acupuncture are all treatments that are also offered and are performed by Anaha’s skilled professionals.

Let the hours slip away when visiting the meditation and yoga pavilion. Open to all, join in on a large class or find your own private area and watch the sunrise.

Rated excellent on TripAdvisor you know you can expect the highest level of service.

Shreyas, and indeed, Anaha, offer many packages within different price ranges and with new treatments being introduced you will be hard fast not to find something that suited your needs. Visit for more information.

Anaha at Shreyas, India

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