A Rationalisation of How to Pack for Overseas Travel

In Travel News by The H4C Team

There’s nothing more unsettling than setting off for a trip abroad and having that sinking feeling you’ve forgotten something. Unless maybe you actually forgot something important. To make sure it doesn’t happen on your next getaway, have a squiz at this little packing breakdown for tips and peace of mind. 

The crucial things

Tickets, money, passport! Eddie knows what’s up. Don’t forget to triple check before you leave the house. And you should probably check a few months in advance that your passport is valid too. I am going overseas in eight days and as I write this I’m having a mild anxiety attack that perhaps mine isn’t valid. You don’t want this. Some countries require visas even if you’re just passing through the airport, and some are harder to obtain than others. Also something you want to do well in advance. It’s a good idea to register with Smart Traveller and give someone back home a copy of your itinerary before you go – better to be super safe than sorry. 

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I find it handy to have some money converted before taking off so that when I arrive I can buy food. But it’s also handy to have some on you for a taxi or unforeseen circumstances like a pair of earrings at a shop that only takes cash. Some people swear by pre-loaded travel cards but I have had nothing but heartache from them, so I take a Visa debit card and get money out from the ATM’s over there in chunks. This is ideal so that you’re never carrying too much money on you at once and don’t have to pay conversion fees too many times.