A Rail Affair in Europe

In Adventure & Discovery by The H4C Team

Europe remains a popular holiday destination for many Australians. Be it for a honeymoon, babymoon, or just a romantic escape, Europe is the place for rich romantic experiences where couples can create life-long memories.

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As with any getaway, you want it to be as seamless, fuss free and smooth as possible. As such, we think rail travel around Europe would be ideal for your next holiday there and here’s why…

1. Time Saving

On any holiday, especially a romantic one, the last thing you want to do is spend time queuing up at airports or enduring the dreaded (and usually long distance) airport-city-airport transfers. So in order to maximise the quality time you have with your loved one, while enjoying the destination, we think train travel is a fantastic option. How so? Well, there are no check-ins required; (unless it’s the Eurostar, which takes only a few minutes anyway); there is the immediate queue-less boarding onto the trains; and you’ll be travelling from city centre to city centre via traffic free tracks. 

2. Great Scenery

Speaking of maximising quality time with your significant other, admiring the European scenery together while going from point to point is an experience in itself and not to mention, an oh-so romantic way to enjoy each other’s company. One can never tire of the stunning landscapes and countryside that make Europe so irresistible, and this a one effective way to take it all in and enjoy every moment of it together.

3. Cosy and Comfortable

We believe travelling in style and comfort adds to the entire holiday experience. While being cramped up in cattle class on flights may be an option, that’s definitely something we like to avoid as much as possible while travelling around Europe. We think it’s always a great feeling to arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and refreshed for the adventures ahead. Most trains in Europe are sleek and modern; and seats in both the 1st and 2nd class carriages are wide and spacious offering lots of leg room. 

4. Cost Savings 

Let’s face it, a holiday to Europe can be costly, so where possible, you would want to save on certain expenses so you can spend more on other experiences like romantic dinners, tour activities, spa treatments, etc. With rail tickets and passes, you can save up to 70% off the regular price when booking in advance. Deals are regularly offered, including free travel days on various passes, seasonal discounts and bonus value adds on tours, hotels and dining. We think it would be smart to stretch your money and take advantage of the savings on offer whenever possible.

5. Flexibility

Holidays are meant to be relaxing and stress free. When your priority is to create memories, flexibility in your travel schedule is paramount, so any last minute plans to say, stay longer in one particularly enjoyable destination shouldn’t be hindered. This is where the beauty of a travel pass comes in. You can travel whenever it suits you and to wherever you like, based on how you feel at the time and what you want to do or experience. 

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