A massive NASA exhibition is coming to Brisbane

In Travel News by The H4C Team

If your childhood dream was to travel to space, set your sights a little closer to home and check out this exciting new exhibition in March. Showcasing NASA’s remarkable achievements in human space flights and space exploration, NASA – A Human Adventure is set to be the largest exhibition held at the Queensland Museum. Houston, this is not a drill.

Coming to Brisbane between March 15 and October 9 after touring the globe, the spectacular exhibition will feature everything from small-size and full-scale replicas to high-fidelity models and objects that have actually flown through space. Sure to impress space-fans and the young-at-heart, real rocket engines, space suits, space food, moon boots and lunar cameras will be on display, along with a replica of the Soviet lunar rover Lunokhod. Altogether, more than 250 historically significant artefacts from the United States and Soviet Union space programs will help tell the story of humankind’s space exploration throughout history.

A hit with museum visitors across the world, NASA – A Human Adventure is sure to be a unmissable experience. To find out more or to book early-bird tickets, visit the Queensland Museum website here

Image sourced via www.facebook.com/qldmuseum/