853 New Romantic Rooms at Grand Hyatt Taipei

In Travel News by The H4C Team

Renovations have begun on the iconic Grand Hyatt Tapei, with a $100 million overhaul debuting 853 new rooms and suites in a design that pays homage to the romance of East and West. Best of all, the first stage of renovations are complete – it’s time to pack your bags and spend your honeymoon or romantic getaway checking out this luxe Asian locale!

Image: Grand Hyatt Taipei

After stripping the hotel to its concrete foundation and starting the entire build again (what a job!), the hotel has redeveloped 14 categories of rooms and suites. It’s the most significant overhaul since the hotel opened in 1990. 

But that’s not all – renovations are set to continue, with four of the hotel’s nine restaurants experiencing a complete reconstruction. The Grand Club facilities and outdoor approach are also getting an overhaul. It’s absolutely gorgeous (and romantic) living for the most discerning of guests. Behind the scenes hasn’t been forgotten, either. From air-conditioning to electrical, the hotel’s infrastructural systems are being reworked to give guests the ultimate holiday experience.

“This renovation is tantamount to a ground-up rebuild,” says General Manager Kai Speth. “Once the work is done, the hotel will have the unique distinction of becoming the oldest and the newest luxury hotel in Taipei.”

Image: Grand Hyatt Taipei

The H4C team aren’t the only ones to fall in love with Taipei. Rising interest in this exotic destination has prompted this renovation, redefining Taiwan as one of Asia’s most exquisite gems. With a robust art scene and bounty of natural and man-made wonders, it’s pretty clear why more and more travellers are flocking to this romantic and luxurious location. And, naturally, the Grand Hyatt Taipei wants to welcome these new explorers!

East and West combine to provide the most opulent hideaways for couples or honeymooners, using light-coloured timber interiors and marble bathrooms with walk-in showers or tubs. Guest rooms range in size from 33 and 40 square metres if you’re snuggling up in a grand or deluxe-level room; executive suite guests, expect over 83 square metres to call your own. For complete and utter luxury, you’re best off staying in the stunning presidential suite – commanding more than 221 square metres, it’s an ideal honeymoon retreat with its privacy and storybook views of the iconic Taipei 101 Tower.

Image: Grand Hyatt Taipei

The hotel’s final touches will be completed in the spring of 2015, just in time for the Grand Hyatt Taipei’s 25th anniversary. (We think that it’s a pretty good destination for a romantic 25th anniversary getaway.) And General Manager Kai Speth knows that the hotel’s renaissance is going to be one of Asia’s most remarkable debuts. “When this hotel opened in 1990, we sparked development all over the Xinyi District,” he says. “Today, as we steer toward a grand re-opening, our ambitions are no less lofty for Taipei, and all of Taiwan.”

So why not be there to see it firsthand? Check out the Grand Hyatt Taipei on their websiteFacebookInstagram and Twitter.