5 of the Most Awesome Overwater Bungalows NOT in the Maldives or Bora Bora

In Top Lists by The H4C Team

Pavilion Lacustre at Hôtel Palafitte – Europe’s only overwater accommodation; photo: Hôtel Palafitte – Fabrice Rambert

5. Hôtel Palafitte, Switzerland

Where: On the shores of Lake Neuchâtel, just a few minutes from the town of Neuchâtel-Monruz, in the northwest corner of Switzerland (close to Bern and Lausanne)

What: Hôtel Palafitte is the only overwater resort in all of Europe. With rooms resembling shipping containers the hotel has an industrial look, but with a luxurious, five-star spin. There are 40 pavilions in total, 24 of which are built on stilts over Lake Neuchâtel, with in-room computers and breathtaking views of the Alps. Unlike island-style bungalows there’s no spa or in-room plunge pools: instead, there’s easy access to nearby ski fields.

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