3 reasons you and your loved one should head to Fiji right away

In Islands & Beaches by The H4C Team

Sharing your life with your partner means creating memories together and having experiences you can cherish for a lifetime.

What does this mean? Naturally, it means you should head to romantic Fiji for your honeymoon or romantic getaway as soon as possible!

An island getaway is the perfect way to create enduring memories, and besides, with today’s busy lifestyles you probably deserve a break.

Fiji is a place where happiness finds you… and here are three reasons why Fiji should be on your travel list.

Image: Plantation Island Resort

1. Beautiful accommodation

Fiji has an array of beautiful luxury resorts and accommodation just waiting to look after you on your honeymoon or romantic getaway. With decor often inspired by the natural surroundings with plenty of earthy tones, you’ll feel instantly at ease.

Service is top-notch and always comes with a smile, and then there are the views! Grab a room with a balcony looking out at the ocean and you have perfected the recipe for bliss.

Accomodation options:

Image: Tourism Fiji

2. Beaches galore

Every which way you turn there are gorgeous beaches to enjoy. Lounge your day away on the shore, try your hand at snorkelling amongst friendly marine creatures or get a little more adventurous with a deep sea dive. 

Relaxing beneath the shade of a beach umbrella curled up with a good book certainly never goes astray either. Your honeymoon or romantic getaway definitely doesn’t have to be extremely active to be amazing! 

Image: Wananavu Beach Resort

3. The dining

You and your loved one will simply love sinking your teeth into a range of juicy tropical fruits and fresh seafood delights.

Fiji makes dining the truly decadent experience it should be. Head to a restaurant with an ocean or jungle outlook for a sensational meal with a view. Don’t rush your romantic meal for two – be sure to linger awhile to truly make the most of each bite.

Remember – these are only three of many more reasons you and your partner should get jetsetting to romantic Fiji. How soon can you make it?