3 Reasons Why a Cruise is One of the Most Romantic Holidays You’ll Ever Take

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Thinking of booking a romantic holiday? Whether you’re looking to rekindle your passion or celebrate an anniversary, a cruise can be one of the most romantic holidays you’ll ever take.

With all of the romance of a mini-break, the sightseeing opportunities of a European tour and the luxury of a hotel, a cruise is the perfect stress-free holiday.

1. Life aboard a luxury cruise

You haven’t seen Italy until you’ve seen it approach from your own private balcony. One of the main appeals of a cruise is the chance to see a whole range of romantic destinations; you get to see the best that the coastline has to offer. But the most romantic thing about cruises is the onboard atmosphere. All you need to do is go up on deck, enjoy the wind in your hair and relax.

One of the most annoying parts of going away on holiday is the time spent unpacking, away from the sun, the sea and the bar. On a cruise holiday you only have to unpack once and yet you get to see the world. You can leave all of the hassles of settling in behind on the first day and just enjoy yourself and with many cruises including drinks for free in the price of the cruise you’ll find it easy to unwind.

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2. A cruise holiday gives you the chance to visit exotic locations

When you find time to leave the ship, you’ll find a wealth of romantic destinations on your itinerary. From Rome to Barcelona or Singapore to Dubai, there’ll be romance in the air from the moment you first set foot on board until the moment you board your flight home.

The wide range of locations is one of the most exciting things about cruises — they are like a series of luxury mini-breaks, with no jet lag, no transport hassle and no worries over lost luggage or dodgy accommodation.

3. A cruise is a break from the mundane

Being on a cruise gives you the chance to unwind and escape from normal life for a while. You won’t be thinking about fast-approaching deadlines, the cost of bills or the price of your meals; all of this is taken care of. Many cruises include the price of the flights there and back in the total, meaning that you’re spending even less.

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With no cooking, no responsibilities and nothing to focus on except enjoying yourself, cruises are a chance to really relax and wind down; many mini-breaks involve a lot of acclimatising but with cruise lengths starting as seven nights you really have a chance to stretch out and enjoy yourself in any way you want.

With many cruises at sale prices, now might be the perfect time to book your cruise!

Paul Edge, director of Cruise Club UK, is a passionate travel enthusiast. When he isn’t busy heading up operations at Cruise Club, he often finds himself out at sea, exploring a new part of the world.