Asia has an extremely diverse range of temperatures throughout the continent, due to its vast size. Climates range from arctic to subarctic in Siberia to tropical in Southern India and Southeast Asia.


Every province within Asia uses their own money, listed below are the currencies in the most commonly visited countries. 
China: Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY)
Hong Kong: Hong Kong dollar : (HKD)
India: Indian rupee (INR)
Indonesia: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
Japan: Japanese yen (JPY)
Malaysia: Malaysian ringgit (MYR)
Singapore: Singaporean dollar (SGD)
South Korea: South Korean won (KRW)
Taiwan: Taiwanese dollar (TWD) 
Thailand: Thai baht (TWD)


Christianity and roman Catholicism are the largest religions prevalent in the Americas.

Couples will love

The incredible scenery, warm friendly faces, beautiful beaches and luxury accommodation are just a few reasons to tempt couples in visiting Asia. Couples will love to be immersed in the incredible Asian culture, cuisine and surroundings.

Best time to go

You'll need to choose your destination based on geographical variation, for example India in March is a great time to visit due to the warm temperatures and sunny weather. During the month of April, visits to Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan and the Philippines are ideal. However the rest of Asia will begin to suffer from high temperatures. Late May is favourable for Bali and some areas of China. Malaysia will go through a period in June maintained between the two monsoons, so it is advised not to visit during this time. July is perfect to travel to Bali and Java. October displays cooler temperatures in some areas, like the mountains in India or Nepal. The north-east China, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong in November, has vegetation in full growth which is particularly beautiful in Autumn. Winter is the perfect time to visit Asia with bright sun and pleasant temperatures in Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, India, Southern China, and Sri Lanka. The Philippines are sheltered from typhoons. However, the mountainous regions offer very cold nights, for example in Nepal and Laos, and northern China is often cold in January.

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