10 Tips for Taking Great Landscape Photos

In Travel News by The H4C Team

You don’t want to come home from an amazing holiday to find that the photos you’ve taken aren’t what you expected. This could be for a number of reasons – they’re out of focus, a little dull, blurry or don’t quite capture the moment. Cheap Flights teamed up with pro travel photographer and blogger Mister Weekender to give you a few tips on how to make sure your landscape photos are up to scratch.

1. Chase the best light

It can be difficult to take an impressive landscape shot with harsh midday lighting. Ideal lighting occurs when the sun is low in the sky because it creates warmth, depth, softer highlights, better texture and scale. Sunset and sunrise are the best times as it adds beautiful colour to a landscape.

2. Look for storms

Some of Mister Weekender’s most popular shots are when he happens to be in a great location when a storm rolls in. The cloud breaks and the light contrast creates very dramatic scenes. Of course, consider your safety first.

3. Stay for the rainbow

When there’s rain, there’s a rainbow. The clear air, the wet ground and sunlight can change in an instant so make sure you’re ready.

4. Scout for locations

When you’re out and about, scout for locations and create a list. If you’re not around in the best conditions or have your gear with you, make time to come back when the light is better and you have all of your tech. 

5. Have patience

Mister Weekender’s biggest piece of advice when photographing landscapes is go with someone who is like-minded or go alone. It can be very frustrating to try and take photographs when you can hear them tapping their toes with impatience or you can sense their boredom. For creativity’s sake you want to be relaxed and not have the pressure of time when you are waiting for the perfect shot.

6. Do your research

Look in your own backyard. Do your research, speak to your friends, see where Instagrammers are going, read blogs and get acquainted with Google Maps. Get in your car and find the places you’ve researched.

7. Use apps to inform

Some handy apps include Google Maps, Compass, Moon, Scope Nights and Star Walk 2. Make sure you check them before you head into places with potentially no signal and take a screenshot.

8. Don’t photograph the ordinary

To get a photo different to everyone else, prepare to go through a little more to find it. Think outside the box. Be prepared to hike through mud, trudge through wind and so on to achieve something completely different. Get out of your comfort zone but don’t do anything dangerous.

9. Use a different lens

Don’t photograph landscapes with the same lens, but you also don’t need 12 different ones. Try shoot on your iPhone for a change and always use manual mode on your SLR.

10. Reality check

This style of photography is not easy – it can be very hard work and uncomfortable due to weather and landscape conditions. But, if you’re travelling and love a challenge, getting out of your comfort zone for some great photos can be very rewarding.