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Arriving in Santorini by boat, a bewitching panorama of powder-dusted cornices between sea and sky, veiled in romance and escapism, slowly reveals itself. Clusters of sugarcoated cave houses almost tumble down the lava-encrusted cliffs to greet you.

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Scattered through the East China Sea like jade paving stones leading from Japan’s most southerly point to Taiwan, the Ryukyu Islands of Okinawa are a modern enigma.

Stretching for more than 1,000 km and made up of 49 inhabited and 111 uninhabited islands, the name Okinawa translates as ‘rope in the open sea’. This ‘rope’, flanked by Japan, China and Southeast Asia, has evolved as a unique blend of Asian cultures, one that is driving its emergence as a tourism destination.

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Tanya Joslin discovers the beauty of Sri Lanka … and why it is a perfect destination for couples.

After more than a quarter century of civil war, peace has returned to ‘the island of serendipity’. And, along with this newfound peace comes tourists–lots of them–much to the delight of the Sri Lankan people who are natural-born hosts. There is so much to do and see in this tiny Indian Ocean country but beware: the driving is often painfully slow. So, unless your plan is to simply unwind on one of the island’s gorgeous beaches, the best way to experience Sri Lanka is to map out a route based around the sites you want to see.  All visitors arrive just outside of Colombo so take advantage of your entry point and explore Sri Lanka’s most cosmopolitan town upon arriving.


You really need a reason to leave Australia if you’re looking for a beach holiday. Arguably, we can claim some of the world’s best beaches, right here on our home shores. But what we don’t have is that exotic flavour, the product of an ethnic mix which blends peoples of African, Asian and European descent in the Creole culture which exists in the Seychelles.


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