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An underwater wedding at Bahia Hotel and Beach Club


Los Cabos, Mexico is a fabulous holiday destination for loved-up couples looking for a slice of a one-of-a-kind paradise. Many luxurious properties have been purposefully built to adhere to the needs of privacy-seeking couples and celebrities that visit the area, making it the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. From renewing your vows to visiting the world-famous El Arco arch on Lover's Beach, here are a few ideas for sun-seeking lovers in Los Cabos.

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Colour, spirit, adventure, music, painted streets, history, inspiration. That's Cuba. For couples looking for a bit of adventure and to visit somewhere unlike anywhere they've been before, Cuba has the power to reinvigorate the soul.

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No superlatives sufficiently grasp Santorini’s uniqueness. Its startling, mystifying and surreal landscape draws scores of neck-bent visitors who sail into its glittering caldera every year. Lava-encrusted cliffs dramatically explode upwards; a timeless natural sculpture caused by repeated volcanic explosions. Indeed, this once round
island has been ravaged by several igneous eruptions, most recently in 1956 when over 2000 homes tumbled into the Aegean. But it was the cataclysmic event of 1650 BC that shattered Santorini so ferociously, disgorging billions of tons of magma from the island’s heart up into the skies. The awesomely scarred face of the remaining crescent, red beaches, cobalt caldera and offshore islets remain frozen in time.

Monastery of Moni Hozoviotissa; photo: iStock

Crete is about as eclectic as an island can get. The largest Greek island at 8,300 square kilometres, and the most southerly land in Europe, it is a refreshing contradiction from the rest. Of a morning, couples might find themselves harbour-side at a bougainvillea-draped café watching fishermen disentangle their nets, by lunchtime listening to traditional Lyra music from a mountain village kafenia, by mid-afternoon, wading through the aquamarine waters of Elafonisi as the summer heat bakes time to a halt, and by night, shaking it with the rest of them down in hedonistic Hersonissos.

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Arriving in cosmopolitan Mykonos by ferry is mayhem. The bow doors swing down and within minutes you pour out, Mary Poppins style, alongside refrigerated lorries, bleating lambs, overladen donkeys, crates of mineral water and petrol tankers along with a juggernaut full of the latest quads and mopeds. But there’s good reason for this exhilarating influx.


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