Published: 03 May 2016 by: Natasha Pavez

Wedding at Sri Panwa, Phuket

We have a soft spot in our hearts for Thailand, one we’ll forever nurture as long as the sun shines on this golden paradise. We, too, have a soft spot for romance. (See: Our name. Our byline. Our everything.) So, naturally, we want to combine the two for one of the most romantic moments: your wedding day. Skip the Aussie shenanigans and jet overseas with your partner – and perhaps a few of your favourite people – to experience the undeniable romance of Thailand. If you’re not immediately sold, here’s a few reasons why you should do it…

1. You can have luxury without the price tag

Australia, while beautiful, does tend to add an unspoken wedding tax onto its more luxurious bridal accompaniments; sometimes, it feels like the mere mention of “wedding” incurs a hefty fee and a battered, bruised budget. Thailand, comparatively, offers the luxe you crave with a cost that won’t kill your credit card. If you’ve ever dreamed of a white wedding with all the trimmings, without laying down your first home deposit to pay for it, Thailand has you covered.

Thailand's stunning sunsets are the perfect backdrop to your wedding

2. You can customise as much as you want

Don’t be put off by a destination wedding purely because you think they’re all the same. They’re not. The many Thai resorts and wedding locations can give you the wedding you want, catering to your budget, taste, culture and religion. Your wedding Pinterest board is still useful!

3. It’s a one-stop-shop for wedded bliss

Another objection people have about destination weddings? “They’re just too hard.” If you’re sitting here saying that to yourself, wash your mouth out – Thailand’s myriad wedding venues are, in fact, itching to organise the entire day for you. From wedding planner to photographer, invitations to honeymoon, you can have every aspect of your big day organised by the one venue… and all without you lifting a finger. (Bonus: you can even chat to your venue about special holiday packages for you and your guests.)

Discover Phuket's sights in luxury

4. You can honeymoon in the same location

Once you’ve exchanged vows, the holiday doesn’t have to end. Linger for a few days (or weeks) basking in the glow of Thailand’s beautiful sunsets, cocktail in hand, massage booked daily. It’s the perfect way to start your married life off, without worrying about flying abroad to yet another country before settling in to be pampered. You can stay at the resort of your choice, or take the time to explore the roots of this gorgeous country – in all its forms. Which leads us to… 

5. There’s so much to see

This is a varied country, make no mistake. You might think that Thailand’s all beaches and partying till dawn, but instead, it’s almost a land of contradictions, and certainly one of juxtaposition. Along the white sand beaches (and the requisite nightlife) are ancient ruins, serene temples and thickets of jungle; if you hit the cities, you’re going to experience a sensory overload as you roam the streets and markets. Hit the north to discover bliss in Chiang Mai, head south for Bangkok’s trademark chaos, and find an island of your choosing – Phuket, Ko Lanta, and Ko Samui among them – to soak up the sun and surf. Pack your bathing suit, no matter where you go, because Thailand’s endless miles of coastline beckon many a traveller (we’re giving our props to Khao Lak and Krabi in particular).

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Thailand is home to utterly breathtaking beaches


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