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 6. Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Kangaroo Island

Best Beaches: Vivonne Bay, Red Banks, Emu Bay.

Whoever coined the expression ‘romantic isolation’ surely visited Kangaroo Island, Australia’s third largest island. There’s so much isolation on Kangaroo Island it’s unsettling to the average city-slicker. Just think: the outback positioned on some of the world’s most striking coastline, and you start to get a visual picture. But once you get used to all that space you’ll fi nd visiting every other beach in Australia will seem hectic by comparison.

You’ll need to log some serious kilometres to access this empty coastline – but it's worth the effort because there’s a whopping 541 kilometres of it! From the stunning white sands of Australia’s most pristine beach – Vivonne Bay – where the only company you’ll have amongst an ocean of turquoise are the crayfish boats that lie in wait for their next big haul, to the wild waves that hammer Cape Du Couedic giving visitors a sense of the raw power that the ocean possesses, to the dolphins that offer you the ultimate thrill and swim with you at Emu Bay, and the seals that sunbathe on the beach beside you as you kayak past hundreds of tiny private coves at a beach the locals call Red Banks ... literally any beach on Kangaroo Island could be the prototype for the ultimate couples’ hot-spot.


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