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When you think about travelling with your partner, do you conjure up images of dramatic, tropical sunsets, frolicking happily in the waves and snuggling up in front of some of the world's most beautiful vistas? Perhaps you even imagine a romantic marriage proposal.

Setting sail - or winging your way somewhere exotic - with your loved one certainly can be all this and more. However, there's always the possibility of trouble in paradise. After all, you might never have spent this much time together, and travel can throw some unique trials and stresses your way.

To make sure your trip away is as romantic as your dreams, check out these handy tips so you're still on speaking terms upon your return.

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Have 'the talk'

Make sure before you finalise any plans, you sit down and have a really good chat about your holiday. Be clear over what sort of holiday you want to have. Do you want to spend most of your days lounging poolside with a cocktail in hand, or would you like to fill your days with thrilling pursuits such as bungy jumping or skydiving?

If your idea of a perfect holiday is starkly different, you'll need to come up with a compromise. Perhaps alternating days on the beach with adventurous activities could work.

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Don't spend every second together

Once you've hit the road, it's important to remember not to spend every waking moment in each other's presence. While the purpose of the holiday is to bond and cherish the company of your loved one, you still need a little 'you' time thrown in there for sanity's sake.

Whether it's stealing an hour alone reading a book while your hubby heads off to check out the local golf course, or heading out on a solo stroll along the beach, a few precious moments of 'me' time will help you strike a peaceful balance.

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Keep communicating

Even though you had "the talk" before you left, it's vital you keep those lines of communication open for the entirety of your time on the road.

A sure fire way of causing an argument is begrudgingly going along with something your partner wants to do that you're really not into. If you have strong feelings about something, say so in a constructive way, and work to find a compromise. If your man really won't budge on a visit to the local Ferrari store, for instance, maybe he can return the favour by accompanying you to the local spa for a luxurious treatment later that day.

Image: Tourism Australia

Don't hold a grudge

Remember, sometimes irritating things happen during travel. Long flights, pesky delays, losing a passport or having something stolen can all be unfortunate travelling realities. If something like this does occur, try not to throw the blame around.

Ease the stress of any of these occurrences by making sure you have travel insurance before you jet set off into the sunset.


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