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Have you been paying attention? Paulene and Trevor are sharing their insights and delights while on their extended holiday…

After four nights we left Maikhao’s oasis of luxury reluctantly, and flew back to Singapore to meet up with our travelling companions, Darrel and Deirdre, freshly (or exhaustedly) from the dreaded 2:30am flight from Brisbane.

We had planned this trip over several months, carefully researching flights, routes and accommodation through different internet sites. I found sites such as Tripadvisor,, and Expedia very helpful in checking out hotels. I never made a booking without reading reviews of each hotel. I found accommodation in Singapore to be expensive, but planning to a budget and location sometimes requires sacrifice.

Mai Khao dream resort

Are you ready to take a journey alongside Trevor and Paulene? Their trips starts in Phuket…

After months of fastidious planning, we were finally off to the airport – in a state of high excitement. I must admit this waned considerably waiting until 2:30am for our flight from Brisbane to Singapore. Feeling exhausted and touchy, even before we left, the seven-and-a-half hour flight seemed to limp by with just brief snatches of sleep. What I couldn’t understand was how people can want to eat at 3am in the morning just because they are on an aeroplane… and how noisy they are in consuming this—perhaps my irritation is showing here.

A short flight to Phuket and four nights at the amazing Maikhao Dream Resort at Phuket was highly restorative. This was to be our brief taste of total luxury and relaxation before twelve rigorous weeks of travel.


Join Trevor and Paulene on the next leg of their fabulous holiday…

The flight from Singapore was long and tedious. Two seven-and-a-half hour flights via Dubai made even worse by delays at Dubai airport — circling for 45 minutes going in and then queuing on the tarmac on way out, again for another 45 minutes. I’ve never seen such a long line of aeroplanes chaffing to go.

We arrived in Lyon, feeling tired and stiff, to a cold crisp evening. Our hotel was nestled under the walls of the old jail, and by night it did not look very welcoming or comforting. However, by daylight the next morning it seemed much improved and its convenience to the city made it a good place to stay.


We hurried onto Meze, our night’s destination, feeling tired and looking forward to a quiet, early night. Meze is situated directly on the Thau Etang, an enormous lagoon filled with oyster and mussel farms.

The reality of our evening was very different. We find that when we self-book our accommodation we never know what to expect. “The Little House on the Harbour” was exactly that, a little pink house rising high from an assortment of restaurants and homes along a small harbour. However, instead of being what we imagined a small hotel, it was actually a bed and breakfast, and we were to share this home for four nights with Claude and Danielle Bon.


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